Happy World Toilet Day!  Have I lost my mind you ask?  Nope!  The calendar is full of strange holidays that always fascinate me.  For example, I was born on National Play Your Ukulele Day.  And if that doesn’t say party, really, what does?  In honor of World Toilet Day, I looked for a photo of a really beautiful, well-designed toilet.  Toilets are, after all, a fabulous thing that none of us choose to live without.  So where is the picture?  Let me say that while there are some good-looking stools out there, I didn’t really find anything that knocked my socks off (there was a close runner up with a toilet/washing machine combo…).  So I am issuing a challenge to all toilet designers on this, World Toilet Day:  give us something beautiful, inspiring and fantastic to put in our bathrooms!  Please!

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