How many times does one person need to learn a lesson?  If you are me, apparently more than once. 

I have learned: don’t decorate with plants.

I tell my clients: don’t decorate with plants.

I rearrange my living room furniture, and decide that behind the sofa, a jade tree would look lovely.

All is going well, and then…major parts of the jade tree start falling off.  I call my plant doctor friend.  The jade tree needs more light.  South light.  The window behind the couch faces north.  Grrrrr.  The jade tree is now basking in the glow of a southern facing window, and I am crying a little as I look at the small, puny low light loving plant that now lives behind the sofa.

Tip of the week: Never decorate with plants.  As living things, they can be VERY persnickety in their wants and needs.  As all good living things are…

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