Have you ever noticed that when you start doing something, you notice all the things in your life that relate to that?  I have had people tell me that when they start thinking about replacing their roof or painting their exterior, all of a sudden, everywhere they go, they are tuned into roof and paint colors.  That has certainly been true with this house project.  We are saving money for the architect extraordinaire, but in the mean time, we keep scavenging.   And it seems like salvage is everywhere.  I just reconnected with an old client who now works at a salvage company.  I met a contractor who is a lifelong salvager, looking to unload his finds.  I am learning about salvaging ins and outs (be careful when re-using old painted wood outside – water can release the lead in the early coats of paint).  And I am continually in awe of the generosity of people – so many people – you included!  Thank you!

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  1. Jennifer, this is a great idea; you are sharing a wonderful way for us to stop a little of the consumerism that drives us to buy, buy, buy. Instead we could re-use and save. I have a friend who is a salvager and has the talent of seeing the next great use for just about anything he puts his hands on at garage sales and flea markets. Happy savings!


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