What?!  You can make your room seem bigger in 5 minutes?  Well, yes Virginia, you can.  How you ask?

Easy: take out 10 items.  You don’t need to donate them to the thrift store just yet, because you can rotate items in and out.  But less things for your eyes to land on translates into a larger looking room.

And who doesn’t love that?

In my early decorating days, I used to feel that every flat surface needed 5 items on it.  While the odd number kept things looking balanced, the amount made everything look VERY FULL.  Over the years, I have grown to like 3 things on a flat surface at the most.  And it makes everything seem very open and airy.

So pare down a little, shed a few decorating pounds, and love your same-size-but-feels-bigger-room!

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