Who says linear thinking is great?  Me.  Sometimes.  Not always the case when you are in the middle of a project.  Like… building a house.  TC and I are having serious discussions now on whether our neighborhood will hold up to the test of time.  Here are the Pros/Cons so far….


  • we are centrally located (we are at Alameda & Jersey)
  • we are on a double lot
  • we have an old tree (and a new tree we just planted)
  • we love our house
  • we have mostly good neighbors
  • we are on a slight hill, so the house gets good light
  • we would get to do the project of our dreams!


  • we have some older neighbors who may be moving on
  • we can’t see into the future
  • there aren’t tons of 2-story houses in the ‘hood
  • ??????

So there it is…I’ll keep you posted!

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