It is an interesting thing shopping for charity.  As you know, I went to the National Wildlife Federation Fundraiser last night at the shops along 17th Ave.  When you know that you are shopping for a good cause, everything seems to be prettier, shinier and more “I need to have this now.” It doesn’t hurt that there are some truly great shops that were participating!  And there were great restaurants to go to as well, but who needs food when you can have beautiful things?  My first stop was Masten Fine Framing & Gifts.  I have frequently driven by, but never stopped in.  But I will make it a regular stop now!  Not only do they have great stuff, but all of their things are really reasonably priced.  Really.  And Reed, the owner, is so friendly.  I was having trouble focusing my camera, so I only got one okay shot of his store – you’ll just have to check it out yourself!

Then I went to Peppermint in the old EZE-Mop building.  This is the all grown up sister of Pandora on 13th Ave.  They have reused a lot of the old fixtures from the old building (you know that I loved that!) and have managed to strike the perfect balance between having the right amount of beautiful things without being too crowded.

Then I finished up the night at Talulah Jones.  I didn’t take any photos, but I have posted about this fantastic store before!  Below is a sampling of what I bought – hopefully you went and got some great things too!

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