I remember it well – I was in the basement kitchen at my great aunt’s house, learning to bake something delicious.  She told me to get the oleo from the refrigerator.  Or maybe I was reading an old recipe and stumbled on the phrase, “cut in the oleo.”  Either way, I had no idea what it was.  It turns out, oleo is another name for margarine.  This post is NOT about margarine however.  It is about a delicious new website that I found: olioboard.com.  It is a design database that lets you experiment with different things, creating your own design elements.  You can follow mine (thecolorpsychic) or create some of your own!  I will warn you though – they have lots of cool stuff – you can get lost for hours.  Below is my first board – you’ll have to check out olioboard for more!

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