What does that spell?  My middle name.  For a few months now, I have been needing to make an inventory of all that we have collected so far.  In my mind, I pictured our garage (which we are using for storage) looking somewhat like a Home Depot.  There would be an area for each genre that we collect, and you could easily walk over to that place and pluck out what you need.  It is becoming abundantly clear that my thinking on this is faulty at best.  Even though we have what amounts to a three car garage, this stuff takes up a lot of room!  I am now realizing that the garage will become packed to the gills, and when we need something, we will need to take everything out.  What is a girl to do?  Make a list (or inventory if you will).  But the list is complex: how is it organized?  Do you take photos and measurements of each item?  Each board???  We have a lot of boards!  So I am procrastinating.  And admittedly, while I am doing so, letting brilliant materials pass me by.  Help!  Do you have any great ideas for how to organize this behemoth?  Help a sister out!

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