I know, I know, I have completely excited you about painting your cabinets.  you are starting next weekend.  As with all good things, now comes the part where I tell you about everything that can go wrong.

Well, not EVERYTHING that can go wrong, just one wee bit of info.  Because it is good to go into things with eyes wide open.

What am I talking about???

Well, if you are like 75% of all homeowners – your kitchen cabinets are oak.  And while oak is a beautiful wood, it is also very grainy.  If you look at one of your cabinet doors from an angle you will see what I mean.

And all that grain can show up when you paint.  Sure, there are tricks to make the grain less visible (ask the guys at your local paint store), but it is a possibility that you will see some graining.  Just a slight disclaimer, but not a huge deal.

Paint away!

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