Have you repainted every room in your house so that you look fantastic in each one?

Probably not. 

I don’t blame you.  One, it is a lot of work.  Two, you already look fantastic – will painting your walls really change that?

Probably not.

Except in your bathroom.  That’s right kids, bathrooms are the one spot that I tend to paint neutral.  Not all bathrooms, just the one that you get ready for the day in.  Especially for all of you makeup wearers out there.  Why?

Because in a smaller room such as the bathroom where you are focusing on how you look, it is really important that you look your best.  And if you wear makeup, you want to get an accurate picture of what you are putting on your face.  I cringe at the thought of any client making themselves look perfect in their lime green bathroom, only to step into the light of day and look like a monster.

So of all the rooms to match to your skin tone, the master bath is BY FAR the best choice.  We aren’t talking  about peach necessarily, just a nice neutral that lets you see yourself for what you truly are: FABULOUS!!!

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