For some people, when they drive down the street, it’s people or a pretty house that catches their eye.  For my husband, it is lawns.  And for me?  Dumpsters.  Yep.  All of a sudden I can’t peel my eyes off a dented up roll-off.  The promise that they hold is almost mesmerizing.  I have not always been like this. I, too, used to drive down the street and look at the houses.  But as I was driving today and found myself rubber-necking a dumpster, I knew that a line had been crossed.  Other ways that this project has changed me: my desire is growing to put as little into landfills as I can.  My basement is a bunch of (organized) piles of different hard to recycle items.  And the best part, my lovely husband is rolling with all my crazy punches!  My hero!  So if you see any dumpsters that look like they could have some good stuff, let me know!

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