Once upon a time, there was an artist who wanted to be an artist, but she also wanted to make a living.  What was she to do?

She decided that no matter what medium she worked in, she always LOVELOVELOVED color.  She thought about all the different ways that she could do something with color, and realized that she wanted to help people make their homes beautiful.

She decided to try her hand at color consulting, presenting herself to a paint store where people would naturally seek her out for help with color.  Luckily, Belcaro Paint & Decorating was interested and a partnership began.

The artist worked at Belcaro for two and a half years, meeting and helping all kinds of great people.  In 2005, she left to form her own company.

She can’t believe how incredibly blessed she is to do her job – she gets paid to be excited about each and every day!

I know what you are thinking, is this fantastic story made up?  No my friends, this is MY story.  Thank you so much for making it all possible!

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