I was in the shower the other day (often the source for my best thinking), and I had an epiphany: why not turn my house into the ultimate green remodel?!  In an excited mess I presented the idea to my-husband-and-partner-in-all-things… …and he said yes!!!  But this is not just ANY green remodel: we will be salvaging and freecycling as well.

We had an initial meeting with our Architect Extraordinaire Jon Hindlemann (check him out here) and decided that despite the multiple advantages to building down (better insulation, less costly, it already exists), we are going to build up into the light!

I want this project to be a showcase for chic ecodesign – proving that good for the earth can be beautiful and affordable.  So I have decided to take you with us on our journey!  Right now we are working on the drawings, and gearing up for…The Great Scavenger Hunt!!!

What I need help with is a name for this project.  Do you have any ideas?  Hopefully this will turn into a weekly feature for my blog (don’t worry, there will be photos!) – so please help me come up with something snappy!

Here we go…

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