Let’s be honest: while there is a lot of beauty in this world, there is also a lot of not-so-beautiful stuff as well.  Maybe you have a friend who lives in an urban area with some vacant lots.  Maybe that person walks by the vacant lots every day.  Maybe they wish that the vacant lot had some flowers.  Maybe they love slingshots.  Or maybe not.  Either way, seedbombs are cool.  Imagine a small ball of compost, clay and seeds that you can launch into your favorite neglected spot and they will grow.  The best part?  You can buy them here from Commonstudio, and they will send you ten seedbombs and a handy slingshot.  Your friend will be so happy!

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One Response to Giving Great Gifts Guide 2010 – seedbombs
  1. This is DA BOMB! (literally)
    what a cool idea – thx for spreading the word!


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