Every year my husband asks me what I want for Christmas, and I always answer the same: livestock.  The first year that I did this, he was surprised and promptly refused.  He is still a little taken aback, but he is getting more used to it.  What do I want with livestock you ask?  Not for myself really, but for someone who needs it.  Thanks to Heifer International, you can buy an animal (or a share of an animal) as a gift that will help lift a person or family out of poverty.  When someone gets a Heifer animal, they also learn how to take care of it and make a promise that when the animal has babies, another family in the village gets one baby as a gift.  So when you buy a chicken, a single mom gets to supplement her family’s diet with eggs, and she can also sell eggs or chicks at the market.  And encouraging self-sufficiency is the greatest gift of all.

image via heifer.org

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