A few weeks ago when I got reinspired about blogging and decided to make my blog all about color, I also decided that each week would have an overall theme.  This week’s theme? 

Using paint color to look great.  Why not?  Who doesn’t want to look fabulous in every room of your home?

I once worked with a hospice on their paint colors.  I chose a palette of warm  peaches which generally compliment every skin tone.  It is very important to me that everyone feel peaceful and healthy in their home, but especially people who are ending their journey.

What does skin tone have to do with anything? 

Paint and light reflect back on our skin and can change our appearance.  So if you have olive-toned skin, apple green walls have a very good chance of making you look jaundiced.  Yuck!

I have to admit, when I am selecting colors for people, I don’t always take their skin tone into consideration.  In certain circumstances it makes sense, and it is one more thing to keep in mind as you decorate.

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