When you are building a house from salvage, there are a few things that you know, even though there are a lot of things that you don’t.One of these: it is highly unlikely that you will find enough of one material to complete the job with it.  Take for example flooring.  If someone has 2000 square feet of hardwood, they will not give it to you.  So you are forced to get creative.  Enter into the picture great design blogs.  I found the photo below, and knew I was on to something.  So I am putting out the call: of you live in the Denver area, save your corks!  Please!  I will use them for flooring!

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  1. Honey, when my husband and I moved out of our house in order to totally gut and remodel it (with your wise input), we threw out a huge collection of corks. But don’t worry sister — it won’t take us long to accumulate more corks than you can imagine! You’re welcome to every single one of them!


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