I am so excited!  I know, with a post title that contains the word urine, how excited can I really be? But I am!  We went to East High School the other morning to tour their bathrooms and see if anything was worth salvaging.  And was it ever!  There are a number of bathrooms where the stalls were made out of marble!  All ours for the taking!  I called my friend who referred me to the project to express my thanks and excitement.  His reply was, “Yeah, but marble is pretty porous.”  I stopped him in his tracks because I thought he was going to launch into how marble wasn’t great for counter tops.  But instead, he said, “I mean, they were in bathrooms.  Stuff happens in there.”  Silence.  More silence (did I ever mention that I have a hard time being told something won’t work?).  So we got off the phone and I broached the subject with TC, a legendary dirtophobe.  To my surprise, he said, “Honey, who pees on the wall?  Plus, we’ll just clean it with hydrogen peroxide.”  So, we are throwing caution to the wind.  We could have just taken care of the counter tops in the whole house.  For the nominal expense of moving them to our house.  Brilliant.  Now to organize all the logisitcs….

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