It’s official.  On Sunday we did our first Dumpster Dive of Love for the house.  What were we looking for you ask?  How did we know which dumpster?  The simple answer: cabinets.  What I thought were solid maple cabinets that had been thrown in to a contractor’s dumpster.  TC was a total sport about the whole thing (he’s a dirtophobe) and even climbed in to help out.  It turns out that the cabinets were a maple veneer, but we still took most of them, a few 2x4s and some plywood.  Not bad for an hour’s worth of work!  But then the real fun started when we brought everything home and started taking out the nails.  That is hard work!  I can see why things end up in the dumpster!  But fear not, no nail was lost in this process.  I am saving all the nails (probably for a recycling endeavor), and all the wood is now ready for building!!!  A few days later in a rush of exuberance I picked a random dumpster and started looking in for treasures only to be stopped by the Trash Patrol (TC).  Two dumpsters in one week is one too many.

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