I have very fond memories of being a young girl and sitting on the front porch with my family, eating ice cream and watching the sun set.  Twenty-some years later, I have a very small front porch and have been diagnosed with a milk allergy, but the love for porches is still there.  One of TC’s non-negotiables for the new house is at least one porch.  I must confess, even though I have a just recently professed love for porches (see above), I have not really given them much thought in regards to the new house.  And then I got the most recent issue of This Old House.  I saw the picture below and started picturing lazy Sunday mornings in October with a cup of tea and a good book.  Or maybe a summer game night with friends.  The possibilities are endless; the call has been placed to Architect Extraordinaire…

photo courtesy of This Old House

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