Using What You've Got

30Apr 2011

I know, I know, I have completely excited you about painting your cabinets.  you are starting next weekend.  As with all good things, now comes the part where I tell you about everything that can go wrong. Well, not EVERYTHING that can go wrong, just one wee bit of info.  Because it is good to […]

28Apr 2011

Let’s face it: when most people paint their cabinets, they paint them white. Which is a great option!  But it’s not the only option… Why not paint your cabinets a color?  My friend Alescia loves the color blue – so guess what color we are painting her cabinets?  You guessed it…blue! And it doesn’t even have […]

24Mar 2011

What?!  You can make your room seem bigger in 5 minutes?  Well, yes Virginia, you can.  How you ask? Easy: take out 10 items.  You don’t need to donate them to the thrift store just yet, because you can rotate items in and out.  But less things for your eyes to land on translates into […]

22Mar 2011

Even though yesterday was the first day of spring and warm weather is on the horizon, your home could still use a little pep in its step.  But you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you just want some refreshment.  What are you to do? Buy flowers.  You can do it one of […]