05Apr 2011

One of the main reasons that I LOVELOVELOVE my job is the creative process.  Helping people make something wonderful is so rewarding.  So imagine my pure joy when a client came to me asking for a custom chandelier.  She had seen the work of Tracey Barnes and was in love. We met with Tracey, who […]

10Mar 2011

Do you have anything that you LOVELOVELOVE?  That you would think about running into a burning house to save? (not really run, because your life is more valuable than any thing, but still…) There are tons of things I LOVELOVELOVE, and I have decided to share some with you – so that you can get […]

28Oct 2010

I found myself with a little extra time between appointments today, so I decided to stop by one of my favorite shops, Willow.  On my way there, I drove by a little store that tugged at my heart strings the moment I saw it.  You know the ones, things that just seem to pull you […]