18Apr 2015

Let me start with the not-so-big secret: I LOVELOVELOVE color! Everything about it gets me excited. I love the way that it can evoke a mood, change your perceptions or transport you to another time. While I love everything color, I do not follow trends. What?!? That is right: I could not tell you what […]

12Mar 2011

Before we get started, let me just say that I love blue.  It is a great color. Over the years though, I have noticed that blue is a picky color.  Oh sure, it is the color of the sky, so you think that it will go with everything.  But that is where it gets a […]

11Jan 2011

I know, I know, it is the practically the middle of the month and I am finally getting back on the job!  I have been busy though!  Busy how, you ask?  Thinking.

23Nov 2010

I am taking a little blog vacay – just until next week however.  Before I go, I wanted to take one more opportunity to say thank you: thanks for your loyalty, your support and your interest!  It is because if you that I am here!  Enjoy your turkey day!!