Paint Colors

02Apr 2011

Have you repainted every room in your house so that you look fantastic in each one? Probably not.  I don’t blame you.  One, it is a lot of work.  Two, you already look fantastic – will painting your walls really change that? Probably not. Except in your bathroom.  That’s right kids, bathrooms are the one […]

31Mar 2011

You’ve been thinking about your skin tone and paint color, haven’t you?  Staring at yourself in the mirror,taking note of those fantastic undertones.  And you are thinking about how to make yourself look fabulous in every room that you enter into. Look no further, the answer is here!  Truth be told, there is no way you can […]

29Mar 2011

A few weeks ago when I got reinspired about blogging and decided to make my blog all about color, I also decided that each week would have an overall theme.  This week’s theme?  Using paint color to look great.  Why not?  Who doesn’t want to look fabulous in every room of your home? I once […]