Design Elements

10May 2011

I love going into paint stores and looking at their brochures.  Especially the one labelled “Kitchens & Baths.”  Are there such a thing?? Honestly, not really.  We have talked about the skin-flattering tones in the master bathroom, but other than that, all rules are meant to be broken.  I have put every color imaginable in […]

28Apr 2011

Let’s face it: when most people paint their cabinets, they paint them white. Which is a great option!  But it’s not the only option… Why not paint your cabinets a color?  My friend Alescia loves the color blue – so guess what color we are painting her cabinets?  You guessed it…blue! And it doesn’t even have […]

23Apr 2011

And last but not least… the dining room ceiling… Why do we paint it dark?  Or use a faux finish? Because when we are having a dinner party, we like to have a feeling of intimacy.  A dark ceiling can make the space cozier. So of any room in the house, the dining room ceiling […]

21Apr 2011

Here’s the question: do you paint the ceiling the same color as the walls?  Sadly, there is no right answer to this question. Paint the ceiling the same as the walls if you: want a more contemporary look have lots of angles and want to highlight the architecture have really low ceilings are painting yourself […]

19Apr 2011

I have to say, I really like the theme week thing.  And what is the theme of this week? Ceilings. Today’s class is on how to lower them.  Not literally, just visually.  Sometimes this is a good thing, but sometimes you need all the height you can get. The number one way to lower your […]

14Apr 2011

Picture this: I am remodeling the bathroom in my first house.  I am so excited to make it beautiful.  I chose a charcoal gray tile for the floor, white subway tiles for the shower, a white vanity and a seaglass paint color for the walls.  It was beautiful.  And then, my dogs walked into the […]

12Apr 2011

Here’s the question today….can you mix woods? The quick answer?  Absolutely!  I think that rooms look great with either all the same species or with things all mixed up.  It just depends on the look that you are going for. Wood that is all the same species can look: serene, spacious and inviting. photo courtesy of […]