About Me!

19Mar 2011

So I have told you how I started, and what I do when I come to your house, but what do I really want?  At the end of the day, all games aside, what is my ultimate goal? Are you ready for it?  Because it is pretty…. boring. Above and beyond everything else, I want […]

17Mar 2011

Have you ever wondered, “How does it all work?  How does she do it?”  Not in regards to Mary Poppins (although that would be fun to know!), but me, Jennifer Comfort?  Once more, a story… When I come to your house, I like to talk to you and have you give me a tour of […]

15Mar 2011

Once upon a time, there was an artist who wanted to be an artist, but she also wanted to make a living.  What was she to do? She decided that no matter what medium she worked in, she always LOVELOVELOVED color.  She thought about all the different ways that she could do something with color, […]