Fear not fair hearts: my blog has not been taken over by a spammer.  Just a love of trim.  I know, I know, I am being decidedly vague.  What am I talking about? (more…)

09Mar 2010

I was in the shower the other day (often the source for my best thinking), and I had an epiphany: why not turn my house into the ultimate green remodel?!  In an excited mess I presented the idea to my-husband-and-partner-in-all-things…

10Mar 2010

Whether you are looking for a bathtub with a space saving design or just something different, this tub gets the job done.  Available from Signature Hardware, you can get the Caruso Round Japanese Tub with or without airjets.  I love how sleek it is – I imagine myself sitting in it with a cup of […]