Picture this: I am remodeling the bathroom in my first house.  I am so excited to make it beautiful.  I chose a charcoal gray tile for the floor, white subway tiles for the shower, a white vanity and a seaglass paint color for the walls.  It was beautiful. 

And then, my dogs walked into the bathroom to check things out.  And all the beauty went away.

Why?  Because the sad fact is: dark floors are absolutely lovely, but…


And I mean everything.

This is not a “don’t ever use a super dark floor” post.  This is a “be aware that dark floors show everything” post.  Now you know.

25Nov 2009

I am so lucky to be doing what I love as a career.  I am always looking for ways to pay those blessings forward and help make someone else’s dreams come true.  

03Dec 2009

I find that there is so much in this world that we miss as we are speeding by.  Sometimes I like to slow down and take a walk – with my camera.