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Let me start with the not-so-big secret: I LOVELOVELOVE color! Everything about it gets me excited. I love the way that it can evoke a mood, change your perceptions or transport you to another time. While I love everything color, I do not follow trends. What?!? That is right: I could not tell you what […]

How you ask? I designed a piece of furniture for Grange (a lovely French furniture company) as part of a contest they are having, and I am trying to win. What happens if I win you ask?  Well, apart from the coolness of winning, Grange will actually make my piece of furniture and possibly add […]

I love going into paint stores and looking at their brochures.  Especially the one labelled “Kitchens & Baths.”  Are there such a thing?? Honestly, not really.  We have talked about the skin-flattering tones in the master bathroom, but other than that, all rules are meant to be broken.  I have put every color imaginable in […]

I know, I know, I have completely excited you about painting your cabinets.  you are starting next weekend.  As with all good things, now comes the part where I tell you about everything that can go wrong. Well, not EVERYTHING that can go wrong, just one wee bit of info.  Because it is good to […]

Let’s face it: when most people paint their cabinets, they paint them white. Which is a great option!  But it’s not the only option… Why not paint your cabinets a color?  My friend Alescia loves the color blue – so guess what color we are painting her cabinets?  You guessed it…blue! And it doesn’t even have […]

And last but not least… the dining room ceiling… Why do we paint it dark?  Or use a faux finish? Because when we are having a dinner party, we like to have a feeling of intimacy.  A dark ceiling can make the space cozier. So of any room in the house, the dining room ceiling […]

Here’s the question: do you paint the ceiling the same color as the walls?  Sadly, there is no right answer to this question. Paint the ceiling the same as the walls if you: want a more contemporary look have lots of angles and want to highlight the architecture have really low ceilings are painting yourself […]

I have to say, I really like the theme week thing.  And what is the theme of this week? Ceilings. Today’s class is on how to lower them.  Not literally, just visually.  Sometimes this is a good thing, but sometimes you need all the height you can get. The number one way to lower your […]