A little back story: last week I went to LA for the Design Bloggers Conference.  I had a FABULOUS time, met FABULOUS people, and became re-inspired about my blog.

It was when I was listening to Rhonda Carmen of All the Best Blog.  She was talking about the fact that when she started her blog, she wrote about what she thought was “all the best.”  And then she ran out of things to say.  So she decided to specialize.

At about that point in the chat, the light bulb went off for me: while I enjoy writing about all the things I love, what I LOVELOVELOVE is color.

My blog’s main focus should be color.  Hot, sexy color.  On the plane back to Denver, I thought up over 100 different blog posts that I could do.  Blogger’s block no more!

One of the first things that I want to do is share my favorite hot color – a color of the month if you will.  I have loved this month’s color for many, many months, so it makes sense that I start with it.  And what is it you ask?  Benjamin Moore’s Smoked Oyster 2109-40.  Absolutely fantastic.

sexy and seductive, this purple gray is hot hot hot!

And who is Simon you ask?  Just someone fab that I met who runs this amazing website called Jardins du Jour.  He helped turn my aha moment into reality. xo!

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