I love color.


So I am sitting at my desk, thinking that it has been snowing pretty much everywhere for the last little while, and all we are all seeing is a lot of white.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see something green?

Usually it is about now that I take myself on field trips to indoor garden centers and revel in all the lush green-ness.

So I hop on over to Google Images and type in “green.”  My thought was I would find a FANTASTIC collection of green images to post on my blog.  And while the pictures were great, they were cooler as a group than by themselves.

So I went a little wild (cue party music) and started typing in random colors to see what would come up.  Good stuff (all except “puce” which was rather disappointing…).  If you are feeling a little browned/white out, give yourself a burst of color – it does wonders!

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